God: Accused or Defended

God: Accused or Defended

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God: Accused or Defended? tackles a prickly subject about whether or not God is responsible for allowing both natural evils and moral evils to exist in His creation. The book is a theodicy that unravels some of the most tangled and knotted issues involved in this “paradox.”

The biggest challenge is how to confront the various concepts held about God and what He is up to with humanity. Many theologians and philosophers have attempted to solve the apparent paradox by changing who or what “God” is. In that process, there have been four basic outcomes: (1) “God” must be redefined; (2) God cannot do anything about the situation; (3) God will not do anything about it; or (4) It's useless to think about, so it is best to abandon the faith. Using his many years of experience in biblical studies, the author resolves the “paradox.”

About the Author:

Larry E. Ford lives in rural southwest Georgia. In God: Accused or Defended? he delivers a potent, spiritually challenging message with a fresh dose of straight talk and plain truth.

Fifty years in the ministry, undergraduate degrees in German and theology, post-graduate degrees in theology and educational administration, a professional certification in English/literature, and eighteen years' experience in the building trades make him more than qualified to deliver this inspiring message.

Ford formally incorporated The Seventh Day Christian Assembly (a non-Adventist organization) in 1994. During the past twenty years, he has written a considerable offering of Christian educational outreach materials which he has offered free to the general public.These materials include a twelve-lesson Bible study course and a quarterly magazine, Spirit and Truth.

Ever the optimist about growing the size and influence of his ministry, he continues to write books that challenge readers to understand God's truth and increase their faith in it.

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