Kingdoms in Conflict

Kingdoms in Conflict

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' ...Definitely worth reading' -Billy Graham 'Colson's criticisms of the Religious Right are especially noteworthy...Colson's warnings echo a concern that religious conservatives would be reckless to ignore.' -Richard N. Ostling, Religion Editor, Time 'The timing could hardly be better for an author with a new book.' -Newsweek 'Kingdoms in Conflict speaks with wisdom and 'guts' to the major issues of our day.' -Charles R. Swindoll 'Kingdoms in Conflict is a classic that belongs on every Christian's bookshelf.' -Dr. James C. Dobson 'This was a book waiting for Chuck Colson to write. As no other evangelical author can, Colson brings his political experience, thoroughly changed life, and lucid writing together at just the right time...' -Moody Monthly 'The arguments- church-state, the correct admixture between the two- are familiar grist for controversial mills, but Colson does wonderful theatrical instruction in his book...' - William F. Buckley, Jr. 'In Kingdoms in Conflict Charles W. Colson masterfully weds the two subjects he knows best- politics and Christian faith.' -Russell Chandler 'Kingdoms in Conflict offers a welcomed new insight into an age-old question.' - Jack Anderson 'One cannot be a passive reader of Chuck Colson's Kingdoms in Conflict.' -Mark O. Hatfield

About the Author:

Chuck Colson is a popular and widely known author, speaker, and radio commentator. A former presidential aide to Richard Nixon and founder of the international ministry Prison Fellowship, he has written several books that have shaped Christian thinking on a variety of subjects, including Born Again, Loving God, How Now Shall We Live?, The Good Life, and The Faith. His radio broadcast BreakPoint airs daily to two million listeners. In 1993, Colson was awarded the prestigious Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion. The one million dollar prize---along with all speaking fees and book royalties---is donated to Prison Fellowship. In 2008, President Bush conferred on him the second highest civilian award of the U.S. government, the Presidential Citizen Medal, for his humanitarian work with Prison Fellowship. He is a graduate of Brown University and George Washington Law School, receiving his juris doctor with honors. He served in the United States Marine Corps, attaining the rank of Captain. He and his wife Patty have three children and five grandchildren. SPANISH BIO: Charles Colson es comentarista, columnista y autor conocido internacionalmente. Es el fundador de Prison Fellowship. Su programa de radio Breakpoint, se trasmite diariamente a dos millones de oyentes. Habiendo sido asesor del presidente Nixon, Colson se convirtio a Cristo antes de ir a la carcel por un cargo relativo a Watergate. En los ultimos treinta y tres anos ha visitado mas de 600 carceles en cuarenta paises y con la ayuda de unos 50, 000 voluntarios., h a llevado a las carceles mas grandes del mundo el programa Prision Fellowship y como reconocimiento a su trabajo recibio en 1993, el prestigioso Galardon Templeton de un million de dolares, por Progreso en la Religion, el cual dono a Prision Fellowship. 

Ellen Vaughn is an award-winning author and speaker. Her novels include The Strand and Gideon's Torch, which she coauthored with Chuck Colson. She collaborated with Colson on eight other nonfiction works, including Being the Body, The Body, and Kingdoms in Conflict. Her most recent book is Radical Gratitude. Vaughn speaks frequently at Christian conferences and has been featured at writers' seminars in the United States and Canada. She lives in Virginia with her husband, Lee; daughter, Emily; twins, Walker and Haley; and an enormous dog named after C. S. Lewis.

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