Still Taking The Land

Still Taking The Land

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The Christian Fellowship Ministries (CFM) began as the humble desire of Pastor Wayman Mitchell to put into practice the principles of discipleship, evangelism, and church planting outlined in the Holy Bible. After forty years of obedience to Christ's Great Commission, there are more than 1,800 CFM churches in 125 countries, with an ever-increasing number of new churches being planted each year. This volume presents the practical experience of Pastors Wayman and Greg Mitchell, especially the Biblical principles that have guided CFM growth. Included are essential guidelines of church planting ranging from hands-on application to those of a spiritual nature, as well as a firsthand interview with straight answers to important questions for both those who feel the call of God to enter the ministry and those pastors who are raising up and sending out new workers.

About the Author:

David J. Drum has over twenty years of ministry 
experience with the Christian Fellowship Ministries; 
serving as pastor, international evangelist and missionary 
for five years in Soweto, South Africa. David resides with 
his wife Hilda in Santa Rosa, CA

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